Projects in The Gambia - 2011

International education and teachers training projects in The Gambia

Report on Gambia project in the Cumberland News

This is a new project in its early stages. Laurie Mansfield, the newly recruited international coordinator for The Gambia is researching the opportunities for the IOP to help in that country. Laurie has been working with a UK based charity ‘Jolerider’ who have active in The Gambia since 2004. Contact is also continuing with Mucktarr MY Darboe of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in The Gambia who is currently studying for an MA at Sussex University.

With the assistance of Jolerider, Laurie went on an initial exploratory visit to The Gambia on April 6th – 13th 2011. A small quantity of secondary school practical apparatus was taken to Sifoe Secondary School, the base for Jolerider’s work.

Visit to GambiaThree Gambian young men

This first visit had a number of objectives, including:

  • use the advice of Jolerider and Mucktarr MY Darboe to make initial contact with a number of secondary schools
  • assess the use of practical work and the availability of equipment
  • assess the enthusiasm for, and expertise of teachers with regard to practical work in physics
  • assess the opportunities for practical work within the secondary physics curriculum
  • make contact with officials from the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education and identify how the work of IOP can mesh with the Ministries targets

Possible projects include INSET for teachers in practical work, assistance in developing local resources for practical physics, and assistance with the sourcing of equipment that is in short supply or unobtainable. Following the exploratory visit, a detailed project proposal is being drawn up.

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