Teacher training in Ethiopia

10 May 2013

A 4-day electronics training session was delivered to Ethiopian Secondary school grade 9 and 10 teachers in Addis Ababa from 8-11 April 2013.

Addis Ababa session

Teachers were trained to identify components and test them with multi-meters and were able to construct circuits using breadboards. 

The course included building circuits to demonstrate the use of Light Emitting Diodes, Light Dependent resistors and Thermistors. 

Speaker at event

Full and half wave rectification was demonstrated using a signal generator and oscilloscope found in the store room and this was also used to demonstrate a simple Operational Amplifier voltage gain circuit.

After an introduction to transistors and building circuits to demonstrate current amplification and using transistors as switches the teachers were asked to prepare a presentation on one of the topics that they had completed on the course. 

On the final day the teachers gave their presentations and during the closing ceremony were presented with their course certificates.

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