What your money really does

What your money really does
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A small amount of money goes a long way in Africa. Whether you would like to contribute a small or large amount, we can tell you exactly what your donation can achieve.

  • £20 will provide school stationery for up to 100 pupils
  • £50 will provide a full set of GCSE and A-level books for a school library
  • £100 will provide a basic physics experiments kit
  • £200 will set up an internet connection for an ICT lab for a whole year
  • £500 will provide a one-week residential training course for 30 local teachers
  • £1000 will provide CPD materials to local teachers, by arranging a UK provider to send resources for science or teacher training
  • £2000 will provide an ICT lab with six laptops and an internet connection for a whole year
  • £5000 will provide the full set of practical equipment, including books, stationery and experiments, for an entire school over the course of a year

“Since launching the IOP for Africa campaign in December 2010, we have been able to raise sufficient funds to finance two new education projects, in Malawi and The Gambia. If we can reach our goal of raising a further £30000 this year, we would have enough to set up two new centres, as well as equip the ones in Malawi and The Gambia with additional resources to expand their reach. We are eager to do more, and we need your help to do it ”

Dipali Bhatt-Chauhan, Manager of the Physics for Development programme at IOP