Case studies

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Agapiti Rukwerere

“Physics is an enjoyable subject, especially in our school. Our teacher explains to us how we can apply physics to real life. He gets us to work in groups and gives us questions to answer using different types of apparatus in the IOP resource centre. He asks us to find the answers ourselves. I work hard and hope to perform better because I would like to study computer engineering at university, so physics is going to be really important for that. I think that everyone can learn a lot from physics. In everything you do every day, there is some physics applied. If IOP helps our school to get more equipment that we can learn from, it is going to help many more students to get a good job and have a happy life.”

Agapiti Rukwerere, student at Bukinda Apostles of Jesus Seminary, Uganda

Portia Nketia

“Physics used to be really hard for me – I couldn’t see what a lot of the theory meant or how it worked. Now we do lots of experiments, where we are allowed to find out things for ourselves. It has also given me an understanding of physics in the home, for example why lights in a house are connected in parallel. I really enjoy studying physics, and when I leave school I want to use what I’ve learned. I would like to become a midwife in the future, and I feel sure that a good knowledge of practical physics will help me keep up to date with all the latest medical equipment.”

Portia Nketia, student at Ada Secondary High School, Ghana

William Ankora

“IOP has made a real difference to our school – the training has given me a lot of confidence and helped me become a much better teacher. Learning how to use simple equipment to show physics experiments, for example, giving students the opportunity to experience simple
solar-power-driven motors, has been invaluable to me. The laptop computers donated by the National Physical Laboratory, which IOP organised, helped me to motivate my students in a much more effective way. They can see that learning physics is useful to them. I am a better qualifi ed professional as well, and have gained greater recognition in our community.”

William Ankora, science resource centre co-ordinator, Ada Secondary High School, Ghana

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“Since launching the IOP for Africa campaign in December 2010, we have been able to raise sufficient funds to finance two new education projects, in Malawi and The Gambia. If we can reach our goal of raising a further £30000 this year, we would have enough to set up two new centres, as well as equip the ones in Malawi and The Gambia with additional resources to expand their reach. We are eager to do more, and we need your help to do it ”

Dipali Bhatt-Chauhan, Manager of the Physics for Development programme at IOP