Sino-UK Workshop on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials

A group of UK physicists working at the cutting edge of research in nanophotonics and metamaterials met their counterparts in China in a workshop in December 2012, organised by the IOP and the Chinese Physical Society (CPS).

Eight delegates from the UK and 10 from China took part in the three-day meeting in Beijing, which was aimed at finding new opportunities for working together.

Each delegate gave a presentation about their work, and having heard these, participants chose people from the other delegation with whom to have one-to-one meetings, with the aim of identifying future research collaborations.

Together with the CPS, the IOP’s groups and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council helped to choose the field of physics to be discussed.

A grant from the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, through the Global Partnership Fund, covered costs for the UK team and the CPS covered costs for the Chinese delegation.

The programme for the workshop and downloadable presentations can be found below.

December 7 2012 - Room South 506, Physics Building, Peking University
.Session I Host: Prof. Qihuang Gong, Peking University 

Welcome Address
Prof. X.C. Xie, Dean of Physics School, Peking University
Dr. Beth Taylor, Director of Communications and External Relations, IOP

Prof. K. Alan Shore, Bangor University
Nanoscale Photonics (PPT, 17 MB)


Prof. Hong Chen, Tongji University
Light manipulation with metamaterial analogies of quantum-optics phenomena (PDF, 4 MB)
.Session II Host: Prof. K. Alan Shore, Bangor University 

Prof. Liming Tong, Zhejiang University
Manipulating light with single nanowires (PDF, 5 MB)
11:05-11:30Dr. Kevin F. MacDonald, University of Southampton
Active, Switchable and Nonlinear Photonic Metamaterials (PDF, 2 MB)

Prof. Xiaoyong Hu, Peking University
Nanocomposite photonic crystal optical switching (PDF, 1 MB)
.Session III Host: Prof. Hong Chen, Tongji University 
13:30-13:55Dr. Eric Plum, University of Southampton: Reconfiguring Photonic Metamaterials (PDF, 2 MB)
13:55-14:20Prof. Ping-Heng Tan, China’s Academy of Science
Optical probe of the electronic excitations in pristine and
heavily-doped multi-layer graphenes
(PDF, 1 MB)
14:20-14:45Dr. Qian-Dong Zhuang, Lancaster University
MBE grown novel materials and nanostructures for advanced optoelectronics (PDF, 7 MB)
Prof. Ji Feng, Peking University
Valley selective optoelectronics and quantum transport in
two-dimensional semiconductors
(PDF, 11  MB)

.Session IV Host: Dr. Kevin F. MacDonald, University of Southampton 


15:40-16:05Dr. Brian D. Gerardot , Heriot-Watt University
Quantum optics with multi-level transitions in semiconductor quantum dots (PDF, 2  MB)
16:05-16:30Prof. Xuehua Wang, Sun Yat Sen University
Mapping of Projected Local Density of States in Arbitrary Nanostructures:
Application to Photonic Crystal Slabs and Cavities
(PDF, 1.5  MB)
16:30-16:55Dr. Jason Smith, Oxford University
Engineering the light matter interaction with ultra-small open access microcavities (PPT, 7 MB)
16:55-17:20Prof. Xiangdong Zhang, Beijing Institute of Technology
From optical graphene to topological insulator (PDF, 7  MB)
17:20-17:45Dr. Ying Gu, Peking University
Quantum interferences induced by the subwavelength-confined anisotropic Purcell factor (PDF, 1.5  MB)
17:45Leave for Banquet, Peking Duck Restaurant
December 8 2012 - Room South 506, Physics Building, Peking University
.Session V Host: Prof. Liming Tong, Zhejiang University 
09:00-09:25Prof. Zhenlin Wang, Nanjing University
An approach of ultrathin dielectric coating for enhancing the plasmonic field in metal nanostructures
(PDF, 2  MB)
09:25-09:50Dr. Alexander Tartakovskii, University of Sheffield
Nuclear spins in semiconductor quantum dots (PDF 3 MB)
09:50-10:15Prof. Yun-Feng Xiao, Peking University
On-chip ultrahigh-Q microcavities for highly unidirectional emission (PDF, 2.5 MB)
.Session VI Discussion host: Dr. Beth Taylor, Director of Communications and External Relations, IOP Prof. Qihuang Gong, Director, Commission on International Exchange, CPS 
13:15-15:00Lab. Tour