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Undergraduate Bursary Scheme

The Institute of Physics undergraduate bursary scheme has now closed to new students.

For students already enrolled on the scheme, bursary payments will continue until students have completed their course.

For existing bursary holders, please find below answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is the bursary worth?
Bursaries will be worth £3000 over the duration of a bachelor's degree and £4000 over the duration of an MPhys/MSci degree.

I received a bursary last year; do I need to apply again?
Once you are enrolled on the scheme you will remain on the scheme for the duration of your course.

NB. You must however return an update form once a year to confirm that you are still enrolled on your degree programme and to confirm your contact and bank details for us. We will email this form to you during the first term of each academic year. Without this form, we can not make a payment to you.

My contact details / bank details have changed since last year, who should I inform?
You will be asked to complete an update form each year to confirm your contact / bank details. Any changes can be noted on this form.

When will my bursary be paid?
We aim to pay bursaries in March / April of each year. Please note that this date is dependant on us receiving an update form from each student and confirmation of attendance from each participating university and may therefore change.

What happens if I change course?
If you transfer to another accredited degree programme at the same university, you will still be entitled to receive your bursary. 

Full list of accredited degrees (PDF, 91 KB)

What happens if I move to another university?
If you move to another university you will no longer be entitled to your bursary, even if you are taking another accredited degree.

I enrolled on a BSc course but have now transferred to a MPhys/ MSci course, will my bursary cover this additional year?
Yes, providing your are still on an accredited degree programme, if you decide to take the MPhys/ MSci option, that value of your bursary will be worth a total of £4000 and therefore you will receive an extra payment for this extra year.

Likewise, if you intended to take a MPhys/ MSci when you joined the scheme but are now taking a BSc, your bursary will be amended to be a maximum £3,000.

I need to repeat a year – will I still receive my bursary?
If you are repeating a year for any reason, you will not receive a payment that year. Your bursary will be put on hold for that year and will re-start when you progress onto the next year.

I need to take a year out from studies, what happens to my bursary?
Bursaries can be put on hold for one year, allowing students to take a year out of study without losing their bursary.

My course includes a year in industry, will I be paid for this year?
If the year in industry (or a year abroad) is in addition to rest of your course, e.g. if your BSc course is four years long, then you will not receive a bursary payment for the year in which you are industry. Payments will begin again the next year.

Will I have to repay the bursary on graduation?
No, the bursaries will not have to be repaid. The bursary is in no way contingent on the future employment within physics after graduation.

Please note, that there may be some variations of this information for students at Scottish or Irish universities. For any other queries, please contact, Claire Copeland.