Guidance on planning your project

The advice below may be helpful when planning your project.

If you are thinking about using a guest speaker here are a series of questions you may like to ask in advance:

  • What age range is the speaker aiming at?
  • What ability is the talk suitable for?
  • What topics will they cover?
  • How do they match to any statutory guidelines (like the National Curriculum in England)?
  • Is there any interactive material?
  • What audiences has the speaker given the topic to before?
  • Are there any local schools who could recommend the speaker?
  • What audio-visual requirements are there?

Once you have a speaker you will need to think about sustaining the experience by preparing material for the students to use before and after the event. This enables students to make the most of the event and to have a lasting memory of the talk.

You may find the Sciencelive website directory helpful when looking for speakers. 

If you are considering purchasing a telescope we recommend that you seek expert advice before choosing one. Read our telescope leaflet (PDF, 185 KB) for guidance. Your local astronomical society should be able to answer any questions you have and there are also several useful websites listed below:

Further Information
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