School Grants Scheme

The scheme provides grants of up to £600 for projects or events linked to the teaching or promotion of physics and engineering in schools and colleges based in the UK, catering for students in the age range five to 19.

Eligibility and timing

Grants can be used to support a wide range of projects. You can apply for the grant for the organisation of a school based science week activity or extracurricular activities such as a science club. Alternatively, you might want organise a careers event or a visit from a working physicist or engineer.

The following will normally not be funded:

  • Costs normally met from school budgets (eg the purchase of text books or standard equipment)
  • Projects that the referees judge would proceed regardless of a grant award.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teachers or annual subscriptions
  • Projects requiring more than £600 where sources of additional funding are not stated


Projects taking place in summer term 20181 February 2018
Projects taking place in autumn term 20181 June 2018
Projects taking place in spring term 20191 November 2019


How do I apply?

The scheme is extremely competitive; last year we funded 55% of the applications we received. To ensure your application has the best possible chance of being successful please be as detailed as possible of your application form.

Complete the application form and submit it by email to . Applications will only be accepted by email. We also have application guidelines available.

All sections of the application form should be completed. Any incomplete applications we receive will be rejected.

Once you have completed your project, you will be expected to complete an evaluation form.


This scheme is co-funded by Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (ITE).