Summary of changes to the membership structure

A simplified membership structureWe want to reduce the number of member categories from seven to four
Replace Undergraduate category with a change to the current Associate categoryWe recognise the value that undergraduates bring to the IOP. We want undergraduates to become voting members and provide opportunities that are relevant to them through tailored membership. Through changes to the current Associate category, undergraduates will receive benefits during their studies and support to progress to the Member category upon completion of their degree
The new Associate Member category to support non-physicist professionalsProfessionals connected with physics but who are not physicists or have equivalent physics experience will move from the current Affiliate category to the new Associate Member category
Progression to Member for undergraduates following graduationUndergraduates will progress to Member upon completion of their degree, no longer having to wait three years to meet the criteria
Progression to Member for technicians and for apprentices on completion of relevant education and trainingThose on technical training schemes will be supported by us to progress to Member following relevant training and experience
Removal of AMInstP designation to support equal progression to Member categoryThis is in line with other professional bodies and will allow us to better support those who have entered their career in physics through non-academic routes
Replace Postgraduate category with a revised Member categoryWe want postgraduates to enjoy Member status by providing opportunities that are relevant to them through tailored membership
Replace the I-Member category with a digital subscriptionWe will make sure that our flagship magazine, Physics World, is available through a digital subscription
Supporting those in school education outside of the membership structureOur consultation showed that those in school would benefit from a different kind of support that is distinct from professional membership. We will support them outside of the membership structure in a more proactive way to create and sustain interest in physics whatever their future education and career choices
Give voting rights to all membersWe want to give all members in all categories voting rights so they can have their say at future Annual General MeetingsĀ and on matters that affect the long-term future of the IOP
Progression to professional registration, including chartered status, across all careersWe are ensuring progression is available to professional registration, including Chartered Physicist and Chartered Engineer status, Registered Science Technician and Registered Scientist, across all career pathways, including for apprentices and technicians

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