Changing our fee model

Our current fee model has 32 categories, which we believe is overly complicated and costly to administer. We have a large fee increase between Member and Fellow, which the consultation with members has told us acts as a barrier to progression. It is important to note that the purpose of the fee changes is not to generate revenue and our fees remain lower than other learned societies.

What we are proposing

We are proposing a simple and fair system where all fees are set as a percentage of the Member rate. This will include the introduction of a small fee for undergraduate students and those in training and a significant increase to the threshold for those qualifying for the concession rate linked to the London Living Wage. All proposed fees in the new model include the annual inflationary increase.

Introducing a fee for undergraduates and trainees

Currently, many undergraduates pay an annual fee of £15 to receive Physics World but there is little involvement in the IOP beyond this.  Our consultation highlighted various ways in which we can enhance their interest in physics and the support we provide as they decide on their future career paths.

We want to provide a much more comprehensive range of benefits and will be extending the £15 fee to all undergraduates and trainees. This is in line with other learned societies.

We also want to support undergraduates and trainees to progress to Member. Recognising the many demands on income following graduation and at the end of training, the £15 fee will continue to apply for 15 months from the September of the year in which you complete your undergraduate studies or training. As an example, if you complete in the summer of 2017, the £15 fee will continue to apply until January 2019. This only applies to those who continue from Associate Member to Member without lapsing.

Increasing our concession threshold

We want to make sure that membership fees do not act as a barrier for those on lower incomes, including those undertaking postgraduate studies, having career breaks, in retirement and during periods of unemployment. For each member sub-category, we have merged the concession fee models (part-time, retired, low-income, career break and studying), into a standard concession rate set at 30% of the full fee for Associate Member, Member or Fellow. To be eligible for a concession, a member will be earning less than the low-income threshold which is being raised from £12,500 per year to £19,000 per year, equivalent to the London Living Wage.

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