Fundraising campaign

Opportunity Physics

The IOP campaign, Opportunity Physics aims to raise £10m over 5 years so that we can do more of what we know we do well while remaining innovative and open to new ideas both in the UK and abroad.

Life-changing discoveries and events from the discovery of graphene to the Higgs boson at CERN have brought physics centre stage. It is widely believed that the momentum for enabling discoveries is leading us towards a new “golden age” of physics. We cannot afford to miss the opportunity to create the best environment for physics to flourish.

Physics continues to underpin many advances and successes in fields as wide-ranging as healthcare and the digital economy. The IOP fundraising campaign Opportunity Physics is about engaging with our supporters to keep physics at the top of the agenda for the benefit of our society and economy.  The time is right for the Institute of Physics to take the lead in achieving this as we are the only charitable organisation whose sole concern is physics.

By supporting the Institute of Physics in scaling up its activities your funds will help turn this moment of opportunity to the advantage of the next generation and beyond.

The official launch of the campaign, hosted by Professor Brian Cox and IOP president Professor Sir Peter Knight, took place on Monday 23 September 2013.

The IOP is most grateful to Howard and Veronika Covington  for their support towards campaign launch. 

Campaign aims
The areas of our work where you can make a real difference:

  • enable visionary discoveries
  • foster a greater exchange of ideas across boundaries

  • raise aspirations by popularising physics
  • show how physics enhances people’s lives

  • bring more innovative research to the market
  • create a better talent pool up to board level

  • make physics more attractive and accessible to all
  • unlock careers for girls in physics

The £10m campaign goal will be directed across these four areas.

Opportunity Physics prism (PDF, 1 MB)

Campaign board
The campaign board is made up of a diverse group of physicists and others who share a passion for physics. The members have been instrumental in laying the foundations for a successful campaign to scale up our work significantly.

Why we are raising money? / Programmes
Our main revenue stream comes from IOP Publishing and with the whole publishing industry facing challenging times,  it is prudent to plan for possible changes in funding landscape by raising funds now.

There are four key areas for which we are seeking funding: discovery, society, economy and education. Each area has a series of associated programmes and there is also information about ways to give

A bequest to the IOP can enhance the work of the Institute. There are now opportunities to attend a legacy dinner to find out more about this initiative, which IOP honorary secretary Professor Stuart Palmer is championing. The IOP has also set up a free will-drafting service for members.  

Read more about the legacy opportunities and download a leaflet with further information.

Contact us 
If you have identified an area of interest and would like more information about the impact of your donation or would like to talk to someone about the campaign please contact us or visit the ways to give page.