Contrary to common belief, there have been very few legacies left to the IOP.

The Institute is lagging behind most other learned societies in this respect. We aim to change this by making our members and friends aware of the opportunities a bequest to IOP can create to enhance its work.

Professor Stuart Palmer is spearheading our legacy initiative and hosted the first legacy dinner at the IOP in April 2013.

We plan to set up the first Legacy Society at the IOP in 2014 for members who have chosen to remember the IOP in their wills. This way they can keep abreast of our activities and enjoy new friendships.

Legacy dinners are being organised for Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland in 2014. Visit the campaign events page for more information.  

We hope that you might consider the IOP in your will once you have taken care of those closest to you.  However you choose to direct your gift, the Institute of Physics will ensure that it makes a difference. 

For more information, download our leaflet which provides legal information and details of our plain will writing service or contact Gabrielle Cheyney on +44 (0)207 470 4948 or email gabrielle.cheyney@iop.org to order a printed copy.

A Window of Opportunity (PDF, 1 MB)






A window of opportunity






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