Rayleigh medal recipients

Professor Christopher Pickard
University College London
For his development of new theories and computational tools for the first principles investigation of matter, which have greatly aided the interpretation of magnetic resonance experiments, have revealed a range of unexpected phenomena in materials at extreme pressures, and increasingly underpin computational materials discovery.

Professor Edmund Copeland
University of Nottingham
For his work on particle/string cosmology from the evolution of cosmic superstrings, to the determination of the nature of Inflation in string cosmology and to constraining dynamical models of dark energy and modified gravity.

Professor Arkady Tseytlin
Imperial College London
For his contributions to the understanding of string theory and of its relation to conventional quantum field theories, and in particular to non-abelian gauge theories that form the basis for our current theoretical description of elementary particle interactions.

Professor Robin Ball
University of Warwick
For his outstanding contributions to the understanding of diverse complex phenomena associated with growth processes and pattern formation.

Professor John Chalker
University of Oxford
For important original and innovative contributions to solid-state physics, particularly in the area of exotic quantum phenomena.