Nevill Mott medal recipients

Professor Stephen Hayden
University of Bristol
For pioneering studies of spin and charge excitations in cuprate superconductors and other strongly correlated electron systems.

Professor Laura Herz
University of Oxford
For her ground-breaking research on the fundamental mechanisms underpinning light harvesting, energy conversion and charge conduction in semiconducting materials.

Professor Michael Finnis
Imperial College London
For his original, insightful and courageous work in materials physics, which is recognised worldwide as having consistently opened up large areas of materials physics to rigorous theory and computation.

Professor John Saunders
Royal Holloway, University of London
For ground-breaking studies at the frontiers of ultra-low temperature physics.

Dr Andrew James Shields
Toshiba Research Europe Ltd
For his research on semiconductor sources and detectors of quantum light states, as well as their application to secure communication on optical fibres, quantum-enhanced sensing and quantum computing.

Professor Andrew Peter Mackenzie
University of St Andrews
For his major and original contributions to the physics of strongly correlated electrons in oxides, in particular, their superconductivity and quantum criticality.

Professor Gillian Gehring
University of Sheffield
For her seminal contributions to magnetism.

Professor Gabriel Aeppli
London Centre for Nanotechnology and University College London
For his pioneering and highly influential work on the magnetic properties of novel materials using neutron scattering.

Andre Geim
For his discovery of a new class of materials – free-standing two-dimensional crystals – in particular graphene.Full ci

Peter Weightman
University of Liverpool
For his work on the electronic structure of materials using a variety of laboratory and synchrotron techniques and for his development of Auger spectroscopy and reflection anisotropy spectroscopy.

Athene M Donald
University of Cambridge
For the development of powerful new methods for the study of the properties of soft condensed matter; in particular colloids, polymers and biological materials.

Ted Forgan

D Phillip Woodruff

Maurice Sidney Skolnick

Manuel Cardona

Michael Pepper

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