Nominations procedure

The Institute of Physics is now seeking nominations for the 2015 awards, and we need your help to nominate the most outstanding physicists in their respective fields of physics.

Those wishing to make a nomination are asked complete a nomination form. There is also a guidance note to help you to complete the form and which provides further information about the procedure for selection.

The closing date for the receipt of nominations is Friday 30 January 2015. Completed nomination forms should be emailed to

The Awards Committee welcomes nominations from the business and industry communities as well as for women physicists and physicists from ethnic minorities.

For the 2015 Awards we are seeking nominations for the following medals and prizes:

International medal

  • Isaac Newton medal

International bilateral awards

  • Born medal
  • Holweck medal
  • Occhialini medal

Gold medals

  • Dirac medal
  • Faraday medal
  • Glazebrook medal
  • Swan medal

Education and outreach awards

  • Bragg medal
  • Kelvin medal

Subject awards

The following subject awards are made in odd-dated years only and so are sought for 2015:

  • Chadwick medal
  • Joule medal
  • Mott medal
  • Payne-Gaposchlin medal
  • Rayleigh medal
  • Tabor medal
  • Young medal

Early career awards

Early career awards are presented to individuals in the first 12 years of their research career

  • Maxwell medal
  • Moseley medal
  • Paterson medal

If you would like to nominate someone for honorary fellowship, please click here.