Institute of Physics Awards

The IOP Awards recognise and reward excellence in people and teams who have made outstanding and exceptional contributions to the strength of physics. The deadline for submitting nominations for the 2017 Awards is now closed, nominations for our 2018 Awards will open in October.

Our 2017 awards reflect the breadth of work in the physics community across academia, industry, education and outreach.

2017 is going to be an exciting year as we introduce a revised portfolio of awards. All of our established medals remain unchanged, and we have made the following changes to enable us to recognise and reward remarkable contributions to physics:

  • We are seeking nominations for all of the Institute’s established medals, and we are introducing new medals. These new medals recognise excellence in soft matter physics, outreach, education and very early-career physics. They’re named in honour of Sam Edwards, Marie Curie-Sklodowska, Lise Meitner, Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Mary Somerville and Daphne Jackson. The Swan Medal (previously the Business and Innovation Medal), which recognises outstanding and sustained contributions to the organisation or application of physics in an industrial or commercial context, has been renamed in honour of Katharine Burr Blodgett
  • We have standardised the terminology and medal categories: Gold, for outstanding and sustained contributions; Subject Medals for distinguished contributions in a particular area of physics; Early Career Medals for exceptional early-career contributions.
  • We have altered the way in which nominations for the Subject Medals will be sought. Previously each of these subject based medals has been awarded in alternate years. We will now seek nominations for all subject-based medals each year. We have grouped these medals in pairs under a broader subject heading, nominations will be sought for each Subject Medal every year and the strongest nomination in each category will be awarded the relevant medal. The strongest nomination will be awarded the relevant medal in that category – the terms of which remain unchanged from previous years

We hope that these changes will enable the 2017 Awards programme to be more responsive to the evolving physics landscape, and that they’ll enable us to more effectively recognise and reward remarkable contributions to physics at each career stage in all relevant fields. You can find details of the changes on the Gold, Subject and Early Career Medal pages below.

We were delighted that last year the community submitted twice as many nominations as in previous years. Nominees were from more than 54 organisations, with twice as many nominations for people or teams working in industry and four times as many female nominations. We hope to see even more nominations this year from all corners of our community.

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last edited: February 16, 2017