2010 Business and Innovation medal

Professor Sir Michael Pepper

University College London

For translating advances in semiconductor physics into the commercial arena, including key roles in founding Toshiba Research Europe, Cambridge Laboratory, and TeraView Ltd.

Michael Pepper is a role model in creating and managing a pipeline of activities from first-rate basic physics to the formation of industrial enterprises.

After making exceptional contributions to modern semiconductor science, including the integer quantum Hall effect for which collaborator v. Klitzing won the Nobel Prize and seminal work in creating the field of semiconductor nanostructures, he became, in 1991, the founding Managing Director of Toshiba Cambridge Research Centre now the Cambridge Laboratory of Toshiba Research Europe Ltd. The company has succeeded in prototyping quantum cryptography hardware, thereby responding both to a new market opportunity and demonstrating the role of advanced semiconductor devices such as quantum dot emitters and detectors which have been produced by Pepper's research groups.

Another major achievement has been co-founding the company TeraView which was spun out of Toshiba Cambridge. TeraView has shown that terahertz technology, utilising semiconductor emitters and detectors, has applications in a broad range of areas, from security to medicine, as well as demonstrating completely new applications for terahertz in pharmaceuticals and industrial process control.

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