2013 Bragg medal and prize

Bob Kibble, retired, formerly University of Edinburgh. For his life-long contributions to the teaching of physics in all phases of education, from primary school to further and higher education.

In the past four decades, few have made greater contributions to physics education than Bob Kibble. He has substantially widened its congregation, both through his graduates and personally. His enthusiastic teaching and his exceptional leadership in curriculum and resource development and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) have inspired many and enhanced their interest in physics. He has given his time and expertise selflessly to the Association for Science Education, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Rank Prize funded Optoelectronics College.

Many of his former students attribute their success to the firm foundation they received through his teaching. He not only covered the required physics but ensured that they had firm understanding of the concepts involved. In 1997, Bob Kibble transferred his talents to teacher training and has influenced, in similar manner, approximately 300 new physics teachers since then.

Bob is renowned for his work in the field of CPD with primary and secondary teachers, leading courses throughout Britain, Ireland and internationally. His regular sessions at the IOP Physics Update courses and the Scottish residential summer schools have ranged from the Challenge of the Trebuchet to measuring the Earth using the Forth Rail bridge. He is recognised and admired by physics teachers as an inspirational speaker and is a most sought after CPD provider by Local Authorities, the IOP, the ASE and others. Bob was last seen leading teachers and head teachers through the sunshine and shadows song on stage in China.

He was a major contributor to the OU/IOP Supported Learning in Physics Project, Salters- Horners Physics Project, IOP Supporting Physics Teaching 11-14 Project and to Curriculum for Excellence and its translation to practice. As a Deputy Editor of Physics Education, Bob not only commissioned, reviewed and edited many articles but has also been a prolific contributor. Bob Kibble is an agenda setter within the education community. In everything in which he engages, he works with passion, energy and, not least, a sense of humour and fun.