Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal Recipients

Dr Yolanda Ohene
University College London
For the development of a novel non-invasive MRI technique that measures blood-brain barrier permeability to water; a possible early biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr Carmen Palacios-Berraquero
University of Cambridge
For discovering and patenting a method to create single-photon emitting sites in atomically-thin materials, deterministically – and for using a 2-dimensional device to all-electrically induce quantum emission from these sites.

Dr Jessica Boland
University of Regensburg
For having developed novel techniques for characterising the charge carrier dynamics of semiconductor nanowires, enabling demonstration of single nanowire terahertz detectors and ultrafast optically switchable nanowire-based terahertz modulators for ultrafast wireless communication.

Dr Jessica Wade
Imperial College London
For her research on the molecular packing of organic semiconductors and how this influences device performance, as well as her work in promoting the field to others.

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