2010 Moseley medal and prize

Professor Jeremy O’Brien

University of Bristol

For his outstanding contributions to experimental quantum optics and quantum information science and in particular for pioneering the field of integrated quantum photonics.

Jeremy O’Brien is one of the world leaders in experimental quantum optics and quantum information science. He realised experimentally the first two-photon quantum logic gate and characterised it completely using quantum process tomography, igniting a worldwide effort to realise an all-optical quantum computer. His measurement of an optical phase below the standard quantum limit (or shot noise limit) using four entangled photons has opened new avenues for precision measurements and is a landmark in our understanding of where a quantum mechanical advantage can be gained in measurement precision.  

O’Brien pioneered the field of integrated quantum photonics: photonic quantum circuits implemented in optical waveguides on a silicon chip. This approach sets new directions for quantum optics and photonic quantum technologies by delivering high performance, miniaturised and scalable photonic quantum circuits and O’Brien has applied it to the control of up to four entangled photons in a demonstration of quantum metrology on a chip.  Recently he has implemented a quantum factoring algorithm using this new approach. O’Brien’s development of integrated quantum photonics has arguably revolutionised the community’s approach to quantum optics.