Winners of the Teachers of Physics Award 2010


Paul Clark
Oundle School, Peterborough
Paul Clark is an inspiring teacher, whose leadership, encouragement and infectious enthusiasm have motivated both staff and students alike.  He continues to develop his own teaching and his ability to explain complex topics in an intriguing and entertaining way is legendary. He has helped staff shape their teaching and led numerous transforming expeditions for students.

Noel Cunningham
The King’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
Noel Cunningham is an inspirational teacher who shows untiring dedication to his students and is always ready to share with colleagues. In his teaching, he fosters critical thinking about physics, opening up philosophical debate and exploring the historical background to discoveries, in order to spark the interest of all learners.  He is always available to students, colleagues and parents, and has their profound respect.

Priyankara Gunawardena
Liverpool College, Liverpool
Priyankara Gunawardena has inspired students with a love of physics and influenced many to pursue it further.  His remarkable ability to derive any equation in physics off the top of his head has astonished and delighted students, who hold him in great affection. He is always able to convey the most complex of ideas in a clear and comprehensible manner and is held in high regard by his fellow professionals.

Diarmuid Hickey
Coachford College, County Cork, Ireland
Diarmuid Hickey has shown a passion for, and a commitment to, teaching that have enabled his students to achieve at the highest level.  His professionalism, good sense and innovative style are equally valued among his colleagues, for whom he is a role model in his approach to both staff and students.

Anjali Shah
Ridgewood High School, New Jersey, USA
Anjali Shah is an outstanding teacher with a gift for motivating students of all ages and abilities, encouraging many to persevere with physics and to enjoy pursuing it further.  Her creative approach to teaching has made her an inspirational role model and mentor for both students and colleagues, in the UK and beyond.

Mark Short
Highgate School, London
Mark Short is a dedicated and popular teacher who instils curiosity about the subject in a broad spectrum of students, making it seem relevant and accessible.  Always willing to take time to explain physics concepts to students, whatever their ability, he has built a reputation as an expert communicator of the subject. He also organises visits to scientific locations at home and abroad, as well as bringing eminent speakers into the school.

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