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Preprints EFD-P(12)01 - EFD-P(12)10

[Article] A Statistical Investigation of the Effects of ELMs on the Equilibrium Reconstruction in JET
A. Murari, E. Peluso, P. Gaudio, M. Gelfusa, F. Maviglia, N. Hawkes and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)10)
[Article] Calculations to Support JET Neutron Yield Calibration: Neutron Scattering in Source Holder
L. Snoj, A. Trkov, I. Lengar, S. Popovichev, S. Conroy, B. Syme and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)09)
[Article] Improved Framework for the Maintenance of the JET Intershot Analysis Chain
D. Dodt, N. Cook, D. McDonald, D. Harting, S. Pamela and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)08)
[Article] On the Potential of Information Theoretic Indicators for the Detection of Image Vibrations and for Image Registration on JET
A. Murari, M. Gelfusa, T. Lesage, D. Mazon, G.Arnoux and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)07)
[Article] Enhancement of Plasma Burn-through Simulation and Validation in JET
Hyun-Tae Kim, W. Fundamenski, A.C.C. Sips and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)06)
[Article] Electron Cyclotron Emission Measurements on JET: Michelson Interferometer, New Absolute Calibration and Determination of Electron Temperature
S. Schmuck, J. Fessey, T. Gerbaud, B. Alper, M.N.A. Beurskens, E. de la Luna, A. Sirinelli, M. Zerbini and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)05)
[Article] Modern Numerical Methods for Plasma Tomography Optimisation
M. Odstrcil, J. Mlynar, T. Odstrcil, B. Alper, A. Murari and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)04)
[Article] Hybrid Compared to Baseline ELMy H-mode Confinement in JET
M.N.A. Beurskens, L. Frassinetti, T. Osborne, P.B. Snyder, B. Alper, C. Angioni, C. Bourdelle, P. Buratti, F. Crisanti, C. Challis, E. Giovannozzi, C. Giroud, R. Groebner, J. Hobirk, I. Jenkins, E Joffrin, M.J. Leyland, P. Lomas, P. Mantica, D. McDonald, I. Nunes, F. Rimini, S. Saarelma, I. Voitsekhovitch, P. de Vries, D. Zarzoso and JET-EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)03)
[Article] Understanding Disruptions in Tokamaks
L.E. Zakharov, S.A. Galkin, S.N. Gerasimov (EFD-P(12)02)
[Article] Calculations to Support JET Neutron Yield Calibration: Modelling of the JET Remote Handling System
L. Snoj, I. Lengar, A. Cufar, B. Syme, S. Popovichev, S. Conroy, L. Meredith and JET EFDA contributors (EFD-P(12)01)

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