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Help: Navigation Buttons

Whilst you are in the service, a set of buttons are displayed at the top and the bottom of every page. These are the Navigation Buttons which you can use to move quickly and easily throughout the service.

The list below describes the function of each button when it is active (i.e. when it appears in full colour - yellow for search or blue for link options). When a button is inactive (depending on your current position within the service), it will appear grey and you will not be able to click upon it.

 [Search] - when inactive:  [Search]
Links to the Search All Preprints, Reports and Conference Papers form which enables you to search across all of the service

 [Alerting] - when inactive:  [eMail Alert]
Links to the Alerting Service to keep you informed with the publication of new articles.

 [Main Menu] - when inactive:  [Main Menu]
Links to the Main Menu.

 [Table of Contents] - when inactive:  [Table of Contents]
Links to the Table Of Contents for the list of the latest Preprints, Reports and Conference Papers.

 [Feedback] - when inactive:  [Feedback]
Links to the Feedback form which allows you to submit questions, comments and suggestions to improve the JET Preprints and Reports service.

 [Help] - within help:  [Exit Help]
Links to the Online Help pages which provides context-sensitive help and information on all aspects of the JET Preprints and Reports service.

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