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Performance of Upgraded JET Neutral Beam Injectors

D. Ciric, B.C. Crowley, I.E. Day, S.J. Gee, L.J. Hackett, D.A. Homfray, I. Jenkins, T.T.C. Jones, D. Keeling, D.B. King, R.F. King, M. Kovari, R. McAdams, E. Surrey, D. Young, J. Zacks and JET EFDA contributors

Abstract. The JET Neutral Beam Injection (NBI) system is undergoing an upgrade of both beam power and pulse duration, which will be completed in 2011. In order to obtain an early assessment of the performance of the upgraded injectors, two Positive Ion Neutral Injectors (PINIs) with modified ion source and accelerator configuration were installed on Octant 8 Neutral Injector Box and successfully commissioned in summer 2009. Both PINIs were routinely delivering ~2MW of deuterium neutral beam power during the JET experimental campaign in autumn 2009. These early tests allowed us to predict with confidence that the JET NBI upgrade objective of injecting 34MW of total deuterium neutral beam power into the JET plasma will be achieved.

Preprint of Paper to be submitted for publication in Proceedings of the 26th Symposium on Fusion Technology (SOFT), Porto, Portugal 27th September 2010 - 1st October 2010

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