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Roy Sambles

Roy Sambles discusses his work, his life and being the next IOP president

27 August 2015

Despite asserting that he is “not a political animal”, Prof. Roy Sambles is conscious of several pressing issues facing the physics community as he prepares to become the Institute’s president on 1 October

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Quantum, Atomic, Molecular and Plasma Physics (QUAMP)
Registration deadline: 25 August 2015

Physical Aspects of Polymer Science (PAPS)
Registration deadline: 1 September 2015

Early Career Researchers Colloquium
Registration deadline: 9 September 2015

Evening lecture: Evolutionary Complexity and the Social World
10 September, 6.30pm, Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, London, W1B 1NT

Electric Plasmas - What on earth do they do?
This talk will be about some of the curious non-equilibrium science that is associated with electric plasmas.

Novel imaging of cancer: exciting and detecting new contrast
This talk will introduce the latest technologies for optical imaging that are being exploited in the fight against cancer by an award-winning researcher in the field.

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August 31

  • 1663 Birth of Guillaume Amontons, who rediscovered the laws of friction first described by Leonardo Da Vinci; they would later be confirmed by Charles-Augustin de Coulomb
  • 1913 Birth of Bernard Lovell, known for his contributions to radio astronomy
  • 1949 Birth of Hugh David Politzer, winner of the 2004 Nobel Prize with David Gross and Frank Wilczek for their discovery of asymptotic freedom in quantum chromodynamics
  • Physics in Perspective
    Watch talks from well-renowned physicists at from our lecture series, you may even learn a thing or two

  • Schools lecture series
    The schools lectures feature topics from the Olympics to rock music. Plenty of physics to learn too!

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