IOP engages with the public at the Cally Festival near our future London home

IOP engages with the public at the Cally Festival near our future London home

21 June 2018

Making mobiles, exploring forces and talking on a tin-can telephone were some of the activities on offer when IOP engaged visitors to the Cally Festival on 17 June near our new London home in King’s Cross

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Meeting with EPWS, September 2017
Over many years, WiPG was represented by Ann Marks within EPWS – the European Platform for Women in Science.

5th Superconductivity Summer School
Registration deadline: 2 July 2018

Laser Ultrasonics 2018
Registration is now available

Towards the THz Imaging of Cancer
Registration deadline: 5 July 2018

2017 winner of Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize
Dr Jessica Boland has won the IOP's Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize, which was until last year called the IOP Women in Physics Group's Very Early Career Woman Physicist of the Year Award.

Lefebvre prize
Lefebvre Prize for best PhD thesis in Combustion - now open for nominations

The Business Innovation Awards
A reception to celebrate the winners will be held at the Palace of Westminster on 16 October 2018.

Health of Photonics
16 May 2018, De Vere West One, London, UK. Hear from sector experts as they share insights on how they applied light based technologies to enhance business performance and global competitiveness. The event is open to all and is free for IOP Members.

24 June

  • 1982 A British Airways flight passes through a cloud of volcanic ash ejected by the eruption of Mount Galunggung near Indonesia, causing all four engines to fail; despite this, the plane lands safely in Jakarta
  • 1883 Birth of Victor Francis Hess, winner of the 1936 Nobel Prize for his discovery of cosmic rays
  • 1915 Birth of Fred Hoyle, the leader of a research group who first explained how heavy elements are produced in stars, and who first coined the term “Big Bang” – in an attempt to ridicule the rival theory to his own “steady state” hypothesis.
  • 1927 Birth of Martin Lewis Perl, winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the tauon – a lepton particle similar to the electron but with a much larger mass
  • Physics in Perspective
    Watch talks from well-renowned physicists at our lecture series; you may even learn a thing or two

  • Schools lecture series
    The schools lectures feature topics from the Olympics to rock music. Plenty of physics to learn too!

Fundraising campaign

We have launched the first comprehensive fundraising initiative for the Institute of Physics.

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