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PhD student Cian McKeown wins Rosse Medal at IOP in Ireland event in Dublin
Peter van der Burgt

PhD student Cian McKeown wins Rosse Medal at IOP in Ireland event in Dublin

21 March 2017

The IOP in Ireland’s annual Spring Meeting in Dublin on 11 March included the presentation of the prestigious Rosse Medal to PhD student Cian McKeown

Biolaser research student wins gold prize at STEM for Britain
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24 March

  • 1896 AA Popov makes the world’s first radio transmission
  • 1965 Spacecraft Ranger 9 broadcasts television images of the moon shortly before crash landing
  • 1993 Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 is discovered just over a year before it collides with Jupiter
  • 1820 Birth of AE Becquerel, discoverer of the photovoltaic effect, on which solar cells depend
  • 1891 Birth of Sergey Ivanovich Vavilov, the co-discoverer of what is now known as Cherenkov radiation – the light produced by a charged particle moving through a dielectric medium faster than the velocity of light in that medium
  • 1893 Birth of Walter Baade, the astronomer who first classified stars into distinct groups – Population I or Population II – determined that supernovae were a new, previously unknown class of object and hypothesized the existence of neutron stars
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